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Wall Cabinets Supports for kitchen furniture is the tiny yet life important element of every furniture set. Any of our wide selections of European and Italian kitchen models features lots of those as the building block of the design ideas put into the different kitchen drawers, cabinets etc. You can hardly imaging a stylish Italian kitchen model from the well-known European furniture manufacturer that does not use these elements as the key solution for the cabinets and other hanging elements.

Wall cabinet supports. European design baths and kitchens

Wall cabinets supports is the powerful tool for ensuring safety and functionality of the hanging elements of your kitchen set. They are adjustable from the inside along three different axis allowing to create different combinations of outlook and design implementing the overall design and style idea of your Italian kitchen. They are absolutely safe and reliable as they have been tested for a maximum carry capacity of 140 Kg for each pair to meet the best European requirements. There are quite a number of possible usage solutions for the supports starting from the regular support function and up to the usage as an anti-tipping fastening device on all cabinets of your favorite Italian kitchen set.
You can be quite free when choosing different kinds of kitchen cabinets to satisfy your taste and design demands for the European kitchen for your house as our designers are able to implement all your ideas with the help of such a functional element as the Wall cabinet support is.
Wall cabinets and different hanging elements of the kitchen hold by the variety of wall cabinet supports offered in our collection in Boston saves a lot of free space in your kitchen to make it the best place ever for your cooking ideas, for having a family dinner or for meeting your best friends.

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