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The functionality and safety is one of the major requirements of each customer to the kitchen or any other furniture set. That is the reason why we are so serious to every single element of our wide selection of the Italian kitchens from the leading furniture manufacturers of Europe.

Structures and materials.  Italian design baths and kitchens

All models available in here in Boston are not only of the exclusive design but they use the most modern materials and structures. It is important to mention that all materials are European standards compliant and environmentally friendly. As an example, many models of Italian kitchens are made using chipboard panels of different thickness laminated with non-toxic melamine sheets in a wide range of colour and finishing in conformance with European norms E1 on the emission of formaldehyde. Some side panels can be veneered with wood or lacquered like the doors, upon request to satisfy your style ideas and even the most ambitious design tastes.
All models took care not only about the overall functionality of the kitchen set making the cooking process a real pleasure at your Italian kitchen, but as well they consider small and tiny yet rather important, elements of the kitchen sets. Just as an example of these unseen functional features the ABS edges that are equipped with a rubber strip, which minimizes noise when the doors are shut and guarantees perfect seal against dust, odors, and insects. All this small well-thought out details of the structure are the powerful tool of implementing the modern functionality and comfort for each European kitchen set. These allow you to feel yourself a professional cook right in your house with the elegant Italian kitchen.
Thus, a wide selection of structures and materials used for the European kitchen sets in our Boston collection offers a unique variety of colours, design and atmosphere for the customers, taking care at the same time about safety and comfort featuring all European standards for safety, environment and materials used.

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