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Italian European Kitchens and Baths in Boston MA offer you a range of best high class Steel Hinges for bathroom cabinets, dressers, kitchen and baths’ doors that are designed to provide a 110-180 degree opening. Italian European Kitchens and Baths in Boston MA’ Steel Hinges are the most handy to use and favorable to buy as we provide the best steel hinges for baths and kitchens’ doors and furniture.

Steel hinges. Italian design baths and kitchens

The steel hinges are easy to assemble with the help of our designers in Boston MA. They are adjusted along three axis and are equipped with an automatic clip-on system to hook them into place. They have been tested for 200,000 opening / shutting cycles to prove that our steel hinges are durable. Now you can be sure that your kitchen and baths’ doors are safe.
Our company assures that the quality of created construction will last for many years and be useful not only for your family but for the next generations too. We give you warranty, and all defective products will be replaced – still there were not any such cases.
Whether you buy our steel hinges to retrofit your old furniture or to use them in new constructions, they will meet all your needs. Italian European Kitchens and Baths in Boston MA offer the best furniture throughout the world, so think about ordering a desired model of kitchen or bathroom for your house in our place and you will not have to worry about steel hinges as our models have the best ones already.
We recommend you to use steel hinges, as they are much stronger than plain steel, and are made to prevent corrosion and can resist wear and tear of marine use.
If you still have doubts whether our steel hinges are worth buying and setting, you can contact our consultants who will give you detailed information about everything you are interested in. If you are not sure that we have those steel hinges that you need for your bathroom cabinets or doors, also contact us and we will make custom hinges especially for you.
Italian European Kitchens in Boston MA will help you set the high quality steel hinges. Make your kitchen or bath better! Just see what we have to offer and contact us!

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