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Each of us would like our furniture in the kitchens to be organized most efficiently so that we can keep things in order and be able to find the item we need very quickly. In Boston we propose you European steel and plastic drawers designed in the best Italian traditions.

Drawers. European design baths and kitchens

We are happy to offer you in Boston a range of drawers for the kitchens, designed in the European way, where you can store bread, cutlery, spices and all possible kind of things which should be at your disposal and easily and quickly found. The special organization of the drawers allows choosing the one which is the most useful for you and meets your needs the best.
In order to match your overall kitchen design you can choose between steel drawers or plastic ones painted grey. Apart from this, they can be adjusted both, horizontally and vertically so that you can incorporate those in almost any kind of furniture.
Another feature of our drawings that would definitely make you and your family happy is that drawers do not make any noise, sliding softly and silently along steel runners. So there will be no more noise in your kitchen now, especially when you need to be in the calm and cozy place after a hard and long day or on a relaxing Sunday morning.
You also you should not worry about the weight of the drawers' content as their steel runners are built to support quite heavy loads (30 and 50 Kg). Given that they are fully extendible and 50 cm deep, you should not be afraid to stick in them one more useful thing you need, as they will carry it softly and gently, using a wide space and a strong support system.
One more pleasant thing about this piece of furniture is that they are equipped with an automatic closing system using self-closing runners. Small but important things like this make your time at the kitchen really enjoyable and pleasant.
Purchasing our production, you will never bother about changing or fixing your drawers for years as our drawers are more than reliable. We provide you a guarantee for over 100,000 opening / shutting cycles, which means you can use those for a really long period of time, regardless of whether they are steel or plastic ones.
And the last but not the least is that with our drawers your can enjoy European style brought to us by the Italian designers. You can turn your kitchen into an innovative and totally new design or just compliment your style with a brand-new Italian design ideas implemented in our drawers.
If you are not sure which drawers would suit your kitchen the best, you can use our Boston team of the designers who can provide you with all kinds of assistance. Contact them and you will be amazed how quickly your ideas for the kitchens will be realized.

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