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After browsing through this web-page you will be very well-informed about different kind of European style cabinet shelves made by Italian manufacturers, and it’s a very huge pleasure for us to show you large selection of cabinet shelves, glass shelves and furniture for kitchens we have in our showroom, located in Boston, MA.

Cabinet shelves. European design baths and kitchens

Our company located in Boston is offering to make your choice concerning the cabinet shelves for kitchens with ease and calm, get a look at our provided Italian cabinet and glass shelves, many years we are in this business and our customers are really very glade of the products, which we are offering.
Unimaginable quantity of differently designed cabinet shelves for all tastes and mind are provided by Dolce Vita Italian design center in Boston: modern, classic, glass, metal, wooden, plastic etc. So you have a wide choice of goods, which are offered you by our company. Selecting any type of our presented shelves for kitchens, you can create your desired atmosphere and design in.
Dolce Vita Italian Italian design center is providing the most comfortable, stylish, solid cabinet shelves. They are equipped with an anti-tipping locking special device. Also our specialists use to border them on each side, and they can be positioned at various heights according to your storage needs. One more thing, if you want to lock some of your shelves, it won’t be a difficult to set it for us, we provide the thick glass shelves with stops to keep them safe and securely in underlined place. Don’t be scare about heavy loads, we guarantee the strongest of our product. We are so sure in our expressions, because we use to set the chromed steel wire shelves, which are able to sustain heavy loads.
In our catalogues you’ll be able to find the European style shelves made in different sizes, height, width and color.
Small and Large Curved Chrome Shelf Dividers
Wire Stacking medium, small and large Shelves
Locker Shelves
Glass and Wooded Bookcase-Ground Shipping made in ergonomic style
Metal Storage Shelves
Wall Mount CD & DVD Storage Cabinet-Ground Shipping Shelves
Wall Mount Key & Mail Cabinet-Ground Shipping Shelves
Wooden Shelves with Doors
Metal, Plastic and Wooden Shelves for kitchens and many other types of shelves
All these types of cabinet shelves for kitchens are made using special Italian technology and construction methods. We are offering you a special European style and Italian high quality.
All that you need is to contact us, and we will help you to choose the cabinet shelves according to your interior. The DOLCE VITA Company based in Boston is
waiting for all your requests and will realize them as soon as possible and in workmanlike manner. You’ll be glade by results.

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