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Space has always been a problem in the kitchen, but now it can easily be solved by using Italian European Kitchens in Boston MA Basket system for storing items as it is the most efficient system compared to the classic furniture. The baskets of Italian European Kitchens in Boston MA can help you to use the entire depth of your furniture without having to struggle to reach the items stored at the bottom of the shelf.

Basket systems. Italian design baths and kitchens

The basket systems are easy to create and assemble with the help of our designers in Boston MA. First we will measure the space available in your kitchen. We will look at the frame and crossbar dimensions. The next step is to select a frame size that will fit your furniture’s height. We recommend you to choose either a standard or compact frame – depending on how much space you have in your cabinets for storage.
Then you should select a crossbar set. We advise you to choose the appropriate number of baskets based on the selected frame. If you selected a 10-runner frame you need to select a combination of baskets that will add up to 10. You simply need to have the basket numbers equal the number of runners in the frame.
You should also remember that most of the accessories for kitchens that we provide can be used the all basket system sizes – it can be drawer runners or basket glides, whatever you want to use.
If you need a little extra storage you should use the basket system. It is great for those areas that need more organization. From an ergonomic viewpoint, the drawer and basket system turns out to be the most efficient compared to the classic shelf design.
Our company guarantees that the quality of construction we create will last for many years to come.
Italian European Kitchens in Boston MA will help you design the perfect basket system. Just check out what we have and contact us!

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